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Adela Blackwood

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International Escort

Adela Blackwood

Welcome gentlemen to my International website.

My name is Adela Blackwood.

My website is designed in a manner which is easy to navigate, and full of information for you to consider. Please read through it thoroughly at your convenience.

It is always difficult to tackle this front page without sounding conceited. You want to present yourself in the best possible light, but every time I sit down to  work on my text, I get stumped. I had a look through other high class escorts websites, and they all sound very similar. How can I stand apart from a sea of companions online? So here we go.

I am an independent discreet high end companion with global availability. Touring is not something I aspire to do in general . There are a couple of locations which are the exception, and  I visit regularly, New York and London. Anywhere else worldwide, I am available by personal request.

Making arrangements to spend time with me is very simple and hassle free, however I tend to have different requirements than most ladies you will find surfing through the internet.

Being an International Escort, I am able to travel worldwide to meet you.It is my preference to meet exclusively  rather than when touring, which totally does not appeal to me. Of course this means I am accessible to a much less number of gentlemen, but I feel that this type of arrangement works far better for me personally.

International Travel Companion by request

Who you may ask would be interested in engaging my services?

The answer is simple.

Gentlemen who are looking for spend time with someone exclusive. Genuinely high end companion that ticks all the boxes. Educated, well travelled, refined. Someone who is not ” high volume” and the atmosphere is natural and relaxed.

Typically, I have accompanied discerning gentlemen on holiday destinations together, even on business trips discreetly. Sometimes, we have just spent the time together at their home location. I have great flexibility in all facets of what I do. Because I am not a high volume lady, it means I am relaxed and at ease, which is difficult if your every day life is fast paced. Mature, discerning gentlemen usually tend to see the value in spending time with me far more than younger gentlemen who are governed in their decision making by price. Typically, a gentleman who is looking at spending time with me is not on a budget. Well, everyone has a budget of course, but what I mean is that engaging my services are more  about quality, and less about  “best possible price” for a lady’s time. I mean that it the kindest possible way.

Discretion assured

Discretion is incredibly important to me, so gentlemen who are “privacy conscious” gravitate towards me. In the past, I have been asked to sign a confidentiality/ non disclosure agreements. I don’t have an issue with signing such a document, provided my lawyer can look it over. Once you get to know me though, you will realise they are totally unnecessary as I guard the privacy of all my gentlemen friends. To be indiscreet would be detrimental to me.

I have been told I am fun to be with, easy going, with a mischievous sense of humour. I tend to be playful, its in my nature.

I enjoy the finer things in life. I am not going to lie and say I am happy at the Holiday Inn because that’s not the case. Being a visual person, surroundings are important to me. Do I demand five star destinations and hotels? No, but I am accustomed to those on a frequent basis, so I tend to feel very much at home in such surroundings.  The company is paramount in importance for a successful trip together though, regardless of the surroundings.


I do not require references from other high class international escorts you may have spent time with. Many ladies today do require at least two references. I find that this is not a  discreet concept at all, and is absolutely not a guarantee that our time together will be successful one, or guarantee of my safety.

I do require full payment in advance. This is usually a good indication you are serious in your request and are genuine. No one is going to go through the process of an International transfer, only to be difficult and cancel.  Funds are deposited in a registered PTY LTD company account I have in Australia. Once funds have hit my account, I will confirm with you directly, and usually then my travel agent will make the necessary travel arrangements.

I do not require work or personal details, other than your full name and contact number, and to verify our accommodation details at our travel destination.

Pretty simple I think.

I hope to hear from you soon.. I promise you will not be disappointed.

International Escort


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