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Free advice for escorts

So every few days I will receive unsolicited emails, whatsapp messages even DM’s on social media by escorts I don’t know, looking blatantly for information to build their businesses. Just expecting it really.

I decided to write this blog, so that next time I do receive one of these requests, I can just forward this blog  link.

Its not that I am not supportive of escorts in the adult industry. What is incredibly annoying is when you will get unsolicited emails from random ladies, asking you for very intrusive questions and getting upset with you if you refuse to divulge the information. Its not advice they are after. It is in general your client base. They want all the benefits without the hard work behind building a business. Any business is hard work, and this one is even harder. I have compiled a few points to share with you. This is free advice. Take it or leave it, but this is free advice you wouldn’t normally get as most things in life are not free, as we all know.

A few tips: Free advice for escorts

  1. Decide why you are entering the industry. If your in it to make a quick dollar and get out, I suggest you don’t bother coming in to the industry. There is no such thing as a quick dollar. If you are serious about a “quick dollar”  and not being in the industry long term,then at the very least, work for an agency or a brothel. Why I say that? Because to build a successful career in the escort industry takes time, patience, money and determination. Unless you are prepared to invest in your business and build a brand, you will not get the benefit associated with that long term hard work. Working for an agency or a brothel your expenses are virtually none. You are not paying for expensive advertising to begin with. It is possible to go in and get out quick when you are working for a third party. Not everyone is suited to the escort industry, which is very different to working in-house. And there is nothing wrong with working in house by the way. its just different. There are pros and cons for both options.Additionally, escorts that come in the industry for a “quick dollar” actually ruin our industry. That is because they are desperate to make as much as possible quickly, and resort to unsafe dangerous practices that actually begin to set a precedent for everyone else. This is selfish and irresponsible. They don’t care because in their mind they will leave the industry in a few months.
  2. If you have decided that you want to be in the industry for a longer period of time, and are prepared to spend the money, time and effort in building your brand, I suggest you get a website. If you don’t have a website, you don’t have a virtual home. Hard to take an escort serious without a website. Attaching your advertisement with a directory listing to your profile on social media makes you look ” transient”. Clients will be less likely to pay deposits at the very least if you seem like your not prepared to invest in your brand. Investing money in your brand says ” I am here for the long haul” Get good images with a photographer. Snapshots selfies are not enough, but a mixture of both helps.Have control of your website, and spend 80% of your admin working and updating your website. Swap links/ banners with fellow escorts. This is rewarded by google in giving you  better rankings on search engines.  Wouldn’t you rather get a client who found you on google then a directory? It has cost you nothing. That’s the difference and benefit by getting a client directly from  search engines rather than a directory. Build and work on your website, blog and link exchanges. This is all very hard work and time consuming. This is where the serious escorts are separated from the ” fly by the night” operators.
  3. Social media. This is a double edge sword. Social media such twitter is great for exposure. Its a great way of bringing traffic to your website and brand. Its also a great way of potential clients getting to know your personality. May advice on twitter is to be yourself. Don’t just be ” nice” to keep a perfect persona. No one is “nice” all the time. Speaking your mind and being yourself is liberating, and the gentlemen that are drawn to you, will be drawn to you for the right reasons. The ones that blocked or unfollowed you are simply not suitable and it shows that you would not have got along anyway. Saved you the frustration of spending time with them.
  4. Don’t get consumed by what other ladies are doing. You don’t know their circumstances, goals and even flexibility. Some can travel, others cannot. Some have 24/7 availability, others don’t. Just worry about what you are doing and what you want to achieve and how to achieve it.
  5. Have a goal. Create steps in achieving that goal. Be conservative with what you expect to earn. Anything over is a bonus.
  6. Work on providing a safe, happy environment with your clients. A repeat client is how you build your business. Your repeat clients are the ones that will spend time with you when its quiet, and will see you through. If you don’t have regular clients, you will find it hard to survive long term, as the industry is very volatile, at times it is very quiet, but as we know bills don’t stop because you are quiet.And it takes time to build long term regular clients. Be patient. Slow and steady wins the race every time.
  7. Spend money on your brand. You have to spend money to make money, but be selective with your advertising. Look at a few big directories in the areas you want to make your self available and advertise in those. There is no point in spreading yourself too thin. This is where concentrating on your website really pays off.
  8. Do not slam other escorts and discuss their business with clients. Its an instant put off and often clients will not see you again because they will feel you are indiscreet. Likewise, don’t discuss fellow escorts business with other escorts. It screams ” Unprofessional and untrustworthy”
  9. If a client has paid you a deposit, make sure you follow through with the booking. I remember one escort from Canada that came out to Australia on tour. She emailed me for verification about a client in Canberra I have previously seen. Of course I gave her a glowing recommendation. She proceeded to rip him off. She didn’t go through the booking [ he paid in full in advance ] and refused to refund. In the following week, she left back to Canada. I was disgusted. Here is a perfect example of ” fly by the night” escort that really doesn’t care what she has left behind. The client in question is not only lovely, but has always been trusting by paying full amount for an overnight meeting in advance. How is he meant to trust a touring escort after that? Please don’t do that. If you want clients to be trusting and pay deposits, then you need to do the right thing and turn up. If you cant travel and go through the booking, refund the funds in full.
  10. Realise that fellow escorts don’t owe you anything. its a lovely gesture when they give you advise if you ask for it, but they don’t have to. Have your own plan and a way to achieve your goals. You will have set backs, we all have, but if you keep forward and focusing on yourself you will succeed.
  11. Finally, the above points are only my perspective. it doesn’t make it right or wrong, its just my bit of advice. I am sure there will be ladies and gents disagree, but if your asking me for advice, thats what I am giving you for free.
  12. Adela Blackwood


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