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Fees when touring international

2 hours : “Lets meet and see if we work”  $2,000  ( leisurely introduction )

3 hours: “Cocktails and conversation” .. $3000

  Dinner Date or Lunch Date ( its leisurely) $4000

 “For the man that knows what he wants” Overnight Date $6000

 ” Because he knows time is money” weekend away $10,000

$15,000 ( Long after the price is forgotten quality is remembered) Jet Set VIP Weekend

 50% deposit is required to secure our date together via bank wire. Charges quoted in US dollars.

Fly me to you..

Because you can

Flying an International Escort to your location of choice, time and date is a luxurious proposition, and  selective gentlemen are in the position to be able to make this happen. Fees below are inclusive of First Class Travel.


2 day “Lets play” date: Worldwide availability : $35,000

1 (5 days/nights) week together somewhere exotic: $45,000

Payable in full in advance via bank wire.



The best things in life are free.

The second best are very expensive

-Coco Chanel

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