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International touring destinations

International Touring Destinations

I have decided to tour quite regularly Internationally. In the past, I have refrained from touring, but I have changed my mind. I realise not everyone is in a position to fly me to you at a convenient and preferred time, and by not touring, I am missing out on meeting fabulous gents because of my lack of touring. Having said that, I still require dates to be booked in advance with a deposit to confirm this commitment. I very rarely accept appointments once I have arrived at your destinations and I also do not book out my days solid. I am not a high volume lady. There are many reasons for this requirement, but that would be the only way I would feel comfortable touring. Being organised and aware of who I am seeing in advance will give me the confidence to tour your city.

Destinations in the near future

I will not be listing my exact dates online for privacy reasons and to keep my travel discreet from prying eyes. Below are my upcoming travel destinations. If you would like to see me when I arrive, please send me an email with your expression of interest along with a contact number and best time to call discreetly. Additionally, please add your email address to my mailing list to be notified of travel destinations and changes.

I am currently in Melbourne, Australia and based here when not touring.

Australia / Adelaide  November 2017

Hong Kong December 2017

Zurich, Switzerland Dec 2017

London Jan 2018

Tokyo April 2018

Singapore April 2018

Hong Kong April 2018

London June 2018

Zurich June 2018

Monaco June 2018



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