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Escort Mentorship

Escort mentorship

Recently, I have had an increase of requests by random ladies for mentorship. It is something I have tried doing a while back, and then I noticed a whole stack of escorts ( mind you some were not equipped to mentor at all, as they were not experienced enough) had began offering the service. This completely put me off the concept. From  my end, it was not designed for a quick grab at cash when you had a quiet period, but was a serious undertaking to mentor a potential lady, and give her my years of experience. In any case, at the time, I decided to no longer offer the service.

However, recently I have had an increase in requests, so I have decided to offer the service once again, selectively.

International Escorts in training

Because I am still active in the industry and have a busy schedule, to be able to do this effectively and successfully, I can only limit annual mentorship offer  to 2 ladies. It takes a great deal of time to effectively provide this service, and to ensure my business doesn’t suffer as a result, I can only offer 2 places per year. It  will be an intensive A to Z transformation and will guide you through the steps to set yourself up as an International Escort from every aspect. You will have my years of experience at your fingertips.


It is imperative for you to understand I will not accept every lady who wishes to join my mentorship program. I don’t believe every lady is suitable and will follow through with my suggestions and advice, so I need to meet you first to establish suitability and if you are indeed someone i can work with and see potential in a successful outcome in the end.


There is a cost involved. My time and experience i am not offering for free. It also insures that when you are paying for a service, you are actually serious about this.

Cost is $5000 Annual fee.