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So touring. Yeah, I was determined to tour this year quite a bit, and honestly the appeal has gone right out the window for me. I recently came back from a tour in Singapore and Hong Kong. I was incredibly fortunate to  meet amazing gentlemen, and had a really memorable trip. Stayed in the most amazing luxurious hotels, and dined is superb restaurants. However, as much as I enjoyed it, I found that it really does take a great deal of energy and preparation even for 2 weeks away as I was.

Travel Internationally

I have decided to only travel Internationally by personal request. This is how I did it for a long time, and I was at my happiest way to meet International gentlemen. It has also been the most discreet method. If touring you have to advertise touring dates and locations, and honestly that has always made me nervous. Therefore, with personal travel requests, no one needs to know your whereabouts. Its a much more pleasant and preferred way for me.

In conclusion,  If you wish to meet me anywhere worldwide, please drop me an email. I do require a commitment of an overnight together to meet worldwide. Of course longer is preferred 🙂

Lets make it happen!

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