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Searching to meet International escorts Worldwide? Hello gentlemen, my name is Stephanie Hunter. I am an Independent, mature luxury companion, catering to the most discerning gentlemen worldwide. Touring regularly in 2024, I urge you to visit my touring page for destinations planned in 2024 to visit. Perhaps if our schedules align, we may enjoy a private soiree in a city around the globe.  Additionally, my availability is also via FMTY invitations worldwide.

It is impossible to tour every city around the globe. For this reason, FMTY dates are the perfect alternative for busy individuals in a fast paced international arena. if you happen to be a frequent traveller, and my touring cities or even the dates planned do not align with your travel arrangements, then perhaps a FMTY date is what would work best. In any event, I invite you to look through my website, and perhaps get in touch with me if you decide I am the type of lady you would like to spend time with and get to know more intimately.

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As a luxury touring International Escort, Europe is high on my priority list of continent I like to visit. There are many countries and cities I enjoy spending time in, and of course, meeting interesting and elegant suitors. My usual cities I travel to include London, Paris, Milan, Zurich, Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid, Monaco and many others. Of course, there are many cities and countries I am still yet to visit in Europe. It really depends on demand, and where my demand to visit menifests itself. The larger cities of course are always on my radar, there are many International business and leisure travellers.  My International touring page ( you can also find the link here) has my proposed touring dates for the near future. I like to annouce touring dates usually 6-12 months in advance. It then gives you the luxury of time to  organise our soiree.  Because touring Internationally is an faily involved excercise for me, I do require a date to be firmly planned and confirmed well in advance. It is not possible for me to travel worldwide as frequently as I do without firm plans well in advance. Perhaps you are a gentleman who cannot commit to a date 4 months in advance? I understand that, however, I cannot commit to have availability to meet you closer to my touring dates either.

My schedule is done with military precision. When travelling to a touring International city, I know here I am staying for how long and what my schedule is day by day. Regretfully, I do not have the luxury of spontaneity when touring.  requesting to meet me in Monaco or NY when I have arrived s not advisable. My schedule ahs already been set, and I would have to dissapoint you with unavailability.

So, I hope you will understand why careful pre planning is essential if you would like to meet me. You also have the luxury of getting in touch with other Independent touring ladies, local ladies and even escort agencies if a spontaneous arrangement is more what you are looking for. I am just not that lady I am sorry.

Granted, not every gentlemen looking to meet a luxury high end companion has the flexibility and luxury of making arrangements to meet sometimes months in advance. And I guess luckily for me, I am not a high volume touring lady, and happy to meet select few discerning gentlemen who are on the same page as myself.

Please also take note of the fact that my touring cities are always tentative, subject to change if the demand is not sufficient. For example, if I am planning a visit to London for 4 days, and have firm commitments for only 2 days, then my trip will be scheduled for 2 days only. If on the odd chance I have only 1 commitment for London, the tour maybe cancelled or postponned. In those types of scenarious, full refund is offered to the the gentlemen who made arrangements to meet. However, let me stress, the cancellation of a tour is very rare. My demand in most cities around the globe is sufficient for proposed touring dates to go ahead. If you dont see the city you wish to meet in Europe on my schedule, please register your interest.

If I am able to include your city, provided you are making a firm commitment to meet, then I shall of course. I am flexible If I can make certain changes to accomodate.

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International Escort USA

The USA is a wonderful country, and it is where my International Travel first started in the year 2000. Yes,  My travels specifically to NYC, LA, Las Vegas and Miami was very frequent. But in the year 2000 it was a different time. There were many extended travel dates across the country in Charleston in South Carolina  (  Southern hospitality was truly grand) to impromptu trips to the Carribbean for the weekend. It was trully a wonderful time to be an International Escort.

And there were a lot less ladies. These days, every second lady is an ” International Escort, and a “FMTY Companion”, and so the choices for you are much greater and diverse in a flooded market. Having said that, I am not for everyone in any case. Certainly I do not try to cater for the whole ” market” shall we say who are looking for female companionship.  That would be an impossibility anyway. Instead I have studied the demographic of gentlemen that have always requested my time on more then one occassion and focus on that niche demographic. And so, I know exactly the type of gentleman that I appeal to.

I am a mature lady. Mid 40s to be precise. I am not in my 20s, or 30s.. I am in my 40s. And so,  I excel in the company of discerning, mature, well travelled gentlemen. The conversation flows better for one. Out time together is more memorable and fulfilling.

Surprisingly over the last few years I have learned that mature ladies are in very high demand worldwide. For one, mature ladies have life experience and confidence. They can walk in any room, in any social scene and hold their own with immense confidence and flair. This is not something you can learn or buy. This is something that comes with experience and confidence.

Mature International Escorts in general dress in a chic, elegant manner. They are able to converse pretty much on any topic, and are the consumate FMTY / Overnight and Dinner Date companion.

The requirements for meeting someone for a few hours to travelling with them on a FMTY date differ greatly. And so, gentlemen looking for travel companions are looking for different attributes in a lady. I can list them all, but I will not. I think you would be well aware on what those requirements and attributes would be.

When touring the USA, I am able to meet in almost any city. I have added the specific cities I plan to visit, however open to adding other cities to my tour provided you have provided me with sufficient notice prior. Additionally, FMTY dates are possible in any city in the US when there already on tour  Even if not in the USA on tour, I am able to meet for FMTY dates. If FMTY date is of interest, or to meet in one of my touring cities, please get in touch with me ASAP.

I thank you for your time, and reading through the information provided above.

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