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Are you looking for an Independent International Elite Travel escort?  As a high class exclusive mature luxury companion, I am frequently able to meet  in Beverly Hills CA, NYC, London, Zurich, Geneva, Australia , Singapore and Hong Kong. To have access to my private travel schedule, get verified for a password access. Meet me as a fly me to you escort or when I am travelling to your city.

NYC- Beverly Hills- Tokyo- London-Paris-Zurich-Monaco-


Telephone: 61 484 372505

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Dear gentlemen I am not personally active on social media anymore. I have someone else handle my promotional tweets, so therefore, do not attempt to contact me via social media. . I also do not advertise on the more popular directories anymore, choosing to focus on my websites exclusively. Contact can only be made via my websites, where the information listed  is most current and up to date. 

Thank you for your attention

Adela Blackwood

International Escort

Hello and  welcome to my International website since 2001.

My name is Adela Blackwood.

I am an Australian International Mature Travel Companion, catering to select affluent discerning gentlemen in New York, LA, Miami, London, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, Monaco, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong , Sydney and Melbourne. Of course, my availability to meet is not exclusively in these locations only, however they are my most frequest destinations and have been for a considerable time now.  I would be happy to consider meeting elsewhere If preferred and more convenient. As an International Travel escort, I am not exclusively available to just  meet in one city only, but worldwide. You have the flexibility of meeting me with three options. Fly Me To You option is the first, where you have the gretest flexibility in timing. For many busy executives, this is the most convenient option. If you have greter flexibility, you have the option of meeting me when I arrive in your city. As I travel extensively, our date must be scheduled and cnfirmed in advance. To have access to my travel itinerary, you must be verified. And third option is to meet me in my home city of Melbourne in Australia.

How can I organise a date?

It is not a complicated process to meet me.  For me, It is great that you have taken the time to read my content, rather then just flicking through the obvious pages. It shows me not just substance, but a clear interest to know who I am and what I am about,  and that is a very attractive quality to me.

Firstly, establish when and where you would like to meet worldwide. Having a specific date in mind is a good start in the process. Get in touch with me and Introduce yourself. Please avoid short emails. I tend to ignore emails which are not content specific with your intentions. Perhaps you dont have a date in mind but you would like to meet if our paths cross in the near future?  Then I would suggest getting verified with me perosnally, and having private access to my travel itinerary. It is scheduled 6 months in advance, so therefore should give you lots of flexibility and time to prepare a date with me. My travel schedule is not open to the general public on my website. I am approachable always via email and open to discussing options at hand to meet.

I look forward in speaking with you.

Fly me To You Escort

 Fly me to you is always my best and favourite way of meeting. These types of exclusive arrangements to meet have immediate  priority, and so therefore, on occasion, my travel schedule is altered to accomodate a fly me to you private request. Naturally, with this type of exclusivity comes a more expensive pricetag, but I have found that gentlemen who choose a fly me to you option are less bothered by the price tag, and more focused on getting what they want and when they want it, to put it bluntly. Type A personalities are very specific, and I am very flexible in accomodating and factoring this observation.

Perhaps you travel to Australia on business? If so, I would love to have the opprtunity to meet you on home soil. I can meet in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra.

For further information and to discuss options to meet, please get in touch with me directly.



Thank you for your time, and hope to meet soon xox


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International Escort touring is back!

Bigger and Better then before, after having a very long break from travel!

I have decided to resume touring in the very near future, provided of course my time is still in demand!  My dates and exact cities are not listed publicly To have access to my touring schedule, you must be verified by me personally. I do not require references from other ladies. I verify through other methods.

In the near future I will be touring the following cities in no specific order and no dates listed. That information is available only to confirmed gentlemen with serious intentions to meet me.

Cities on my radar to visit shortly!

London, Paris, Lyon, New York City, LA, Miami, Chicago, The Hamptons, Las Vegas, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Singapore, Tokyo, Istanbul, Ankara, Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Amsterdam, Prague, Madrid, Copenhagen, Brussels.

If you would like to meet in any of the above cities mentioned, email or feel free to call me.


If you would like to meet me during one of my tours, please get in touch to discuss options.

tel: +61 484 372505


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