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Thank you for visiting my official website. which has been online since 2000.

It has been my official website and virtual address for many years. 

As an International Elite Escort and Luxury Companion, I have travelled worldwide and had the pleasure of meeting some of the most incredible and interesting  gentlemen. With some, our friendship has endured now for a very long time.

New York, London, Zurich, Tokyo. Very few destinations I have not had the pleasure of experiencing.

The last 12 months, I have had an extended break. I contemplated retirement. During that time, I did briefly turn this website into an escort directory. That was an interesting experience. It tought me that I like working alone. It also made me appreciate the fact that I am highly disciplined and realised that not everyone is as disciplined as I am. 

So I decided to drive back into and stick to my lane.

The fast one.

And so, I decided to go back to my roots. It is what made me the happiest and most content.

I had re-branded a few years ago with a different name and persona (A.B) , and it is something I should never have done. Another lesson learned.  Lessons i find through experience are best. We make mistakes till we die, and I am owning mine.

So I am back to my original and most enduring persona, Stephanie Hunter. 

High End International Escort

2020 has been a shocking start for the world. COVID-19  paralized globally every country and economy. And so I was affected as well to a degree.  Of course relieved I am financially in a strong position, nevertheless, it is not a bottomless pit. Because I keep track of current affairs worldwide, I was alarmed from late December and early January with developments in China, and as a result I cancelled all my travel plans for the upcoming year and prepared for spending lots of time at home.  I was hoping that It wouldn’t get as bad as I thought. It did get much worse Internationally.

Luckily, my exclusive gentlemen friend’s whom I had scheduled travel with abroad understood my predicament, and were happy to reschule our plans when it is safe to travel once more.

Since February, I have been in self isolation pretty much. But the great part of that is I was able to spend more time at home, renovate a bathroom or two, redecorate, do some painting and spend time in my garden. In retrospect, it has been the best break for me. It was trully a self reflection and relaxation time. 

I cooked a lot, I ate a lot, and so I was forced to hit my home gym hard as a result.

Slept in every morning, made martinis in the afternoon. Wore my PJ till 2 pm some days.

It has been a fantastic break. And I am re-energized and excited for the second half of 2010 and  2021.

I have literally wrote off the year on the International circuit.  You can’t travel Internationally anyway at the moment, there are no flights available. There are International flights scheduled from September from what I can see, but they could be cancelled. On the safe side, it looks like 2021 is going to be my year. That is not to say I wont have availability to meet shortly when it is safe to do say. Really, playing it by ear at this stage.

If travel does open up earlier, I will perhaps consider travel, but cautiously.

I will most likely prefer to travel domestically within Australia and New Zealand the rest of 2020. Hopefully, Europe, Asia, The US, Canada and Middle East will be more feasable in 2021.  But it is hard to make firm plans while we wait and see how this pandemic will unfold. I am keeping an open mind thats for sure.

Currently though, my availability is in Australia and shortly in New Zealand.

I am estimating availability workdwide would be from late 2020 or even 2021. I just dont know for a fact. It alld epends on how things unfold.

If you would like to discuss future plans to meet, please get in touch with me via email.

As always, I will be available to travel worldwide to meet in 2021.

The only exception is that I will not travel economy or business class, only first class to be able to have some distance from other passengers while flying. Because first class has limited passengers, and you have a seat to yourself, you can maintain some distance. Ok, that is my reason, and I am sticking to it.

Please take note return first class airfare must be pre paid for me to meet you worldwide.

I look forward in making your aquaintance very soon.

Stephanie Hunter

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