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Thank you for your interest in joining our escort directory.

We are based in Australia, with advertising available worldwide. Our advertising options are 2 at the moment. 

Premium advertising is home page advertising and has maximum exposure for our advertisers. This space is limited to 28 profiles only.

Standard profiles are listings in each individual cities of choice only.

The main difference between premium and standard advertising is that premium adverts are not only listed in the main page where visitors first get to see your profiles, but you are also able to add your listing to multiple locations of choice. This is helpful for ladies that tour, or are available by choice in more then one city.

About Us

My name is Adela Blackwood. This website used to be my personal website for many years when I was available Internationally as an International Escort. As I have retired from working as an escort, I have utilised this website to be an escort directory for independent high class escorts specifically.  Our aim is to create a directory, long term, that is discreet in content, beautiful, with excellent SEO to attract high end discerning gentlemen who have been accustomed to excellence.

Advertising here is geared towards healthy SEO exposure in search engines and social media. Our platform is perfect for a lady who wishes to not be active on social media personally, but have the exposure. Currently we have 2 different twitter accounts, where all advertisers are promoted consistently. Although social media is important, our focus is SEO and search engine visibility first and foremost.

International Escort Directory

Our escort directory is divided into countries and cities. If the city of interest doesn’t have a live link yet, it means we do not currently have advertisers in that city. if you wish to add your advert to that particular city, please notify us and we are happy to oblige.  Advertising for professional high end escorts is important for visibility in the right demographic. Consistency is also important. Sometimes gentlemen will find you on a website like ours, and not necessarily book immediately. When they come back to your advert in say 6 months and you have disappeared from that site, they will generally look at another profile. Sometimes, they will google search you, but keep in mind that consistent visibility helps your brand long term. 

Touring section

We are in the infant stages of creating a touring section divided by popular cities aroudn the globe. These sections are different to the standard city sections as only  current touring escorts are lsited for the duration of their tours. 

  • You MUST be of legal age. We retain the right to refuse  a request for advertising if we cannot verify your age and there is a doubt of your age.
  • You must have tasteful images. If you look at the standard of images currently on the site, to have a fair chance of attracting requests, you need to have tasteful, professional images. We don’t accept nude photography, although tasteful lingerie is acceptable.
  • We are not an escort agency, we do not handle your day to day email or schedule dates and travel arrangements. We are an advertising portal for high end International Companions.
  • Australian advertisers are charged in Australian dollars. All International Advertisers are charged in US currency.


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To get in touch for further details email or

and someone will be in touch ASAP.  Further down the page you will find advertising fees and options available to you.

Australian advertisers are charged in Australian dollars, with all other advertisers Internationally charged in US currency.

Please note, we do not offer month to month advertising. As we prepare your advert from scratch, it can take up to 2 hours to personalise your advert. We additionally add SEO specifically to your advert for greater visibility in Search engines. That is a great deal of work for month to month adverts which would attracts a big turnover. It is something we are not prepared to do, otherwise our advertising fees would need to significantly increase. In this way, we are able to keep fees much lower. We are a boutique high end directory catering to a very specific niche of the market, and therefore not suitable to every interested party.

Premium advertising ( limited availability)

3 months: $550

6 months $750

9 months: $950

12 months $1150

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Standard advertising

3 months $350

6 months $550

9 months $750

12 months $950

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