Monaco Escorts


The French Riviera and Monaco are world known for its glittering residents and visitors, and is renowned as a glamorous, international hotspot for celebrities and wealthy individuals. Yes, of course it is a tax haven, ( sunny place for shady people someone famously quipped) but more then that. It is a beautiful, sophisticated part of the world. As a country, Monaco is incredibly small  2.020 km

It is also it is the second smallest and most densely populated country  in the world. Interestingly, Monaco is not even formally part of the EU, event hough the Euro is mostly used ( personally, US dollars, even Swiss francs far more popular currency there, but officially it is the Euro)

Luxurious Monaco

Ok, so that was a little background info on Monaco. Reality is that it is a small country, but full of wealth. In summer, you have Russians and The Middle East flock to the Riviera, and overtake Jimmy’z and the Marina, not to mention all the best hotels, like Hotel  De Paris and Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo. Its a great place where the sun is always shining, which would explain why so many escorts from Europe flock here. Problem is many are not very discreet, and its quite clear why they are there. The International Escorts listed in this directory do not tour or visit Monaco regularly, only by private invitation. Therefore, they are able to remain discreet and unrecognisable. After all, Monaco is very very small and everyone knows everyone. A bit like a village. Except this one is a very glamorous village.

Dinner Date and Social Escorts Monaco

International Escorts listed in our pages are Independent high class escorts and luxury companions, who are a cut above the rest. That is a big statement. But the reason why i have confidence in making that statement is because we are very cautious to only include elegant, educated and well travelled companions. We purposely do not list escorts in Monaco, or any other part of the world under 22 years of age, to ensure some life experience by the ladies listed here. We do believe the companions available to meet you in Monaco on the French Riviera would be a complete success, from any social event you may have to attend, be the Grand Prix, The Boat Show even The Red Cross Ball in Monaco.