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Are you looking for an indepedent high class escort in the USA? Adela Blackwood is an Australian Elite International Escort avaialble to meet you in the USA by invitation.

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Are you an affluent, discerning gentlaman, who is looking for an elegant, upscale lady to spend very discreet times with? Perhaps you are overwhelmed with the amount of choices online? Maybe you are not sure what type of lady you would like to spend time with? First time dabling your feet in meeting a lady under such arrangements? Whatever the reason you came across my website, I am thrilled you have.

My name is Adela Blackwood. I am an Australian International High Calss Escort, who divides her time between NYC, London, Zurich, Beverly Hills, Monaco and Australia. Some years I travel more, and other years i travel less. It depeends on many factors.

My website has been online since 2001. So, therefore, I am an established lady, not a “fly by the night” companion. 

I have spend many years commuting between the  US and Australia, and therefore, a pleasure to visit any opprtunity I get.

High Class Mature Independent Escort

As a high class mature Independent escort, I prefer to spend my time with also mature gentlemen.  Although I travel to the US when there is demand for me to vist, I dont consider it touring. My travel is always with a purpose. If you have made arrangements to spend time with me in say, Manhattan, or Beverly Hills, I will meet my commitment. If wishing to meet me in the US, please be aware  that a firm commitment has to be made well in advance. I do not cater for last minute request.

Travel Luxury Companion

Many of yu have different expectations and requirements when meeting with a high class escort. The word today is overused, however, it is still worth noting that high class escorts are flexible in how they spend time with discerning gentlemen. it perhaps maybe travelling together. Sometimes, a gentleman that travels frequently would like the company of a high end lady to join him. Someone who is discreet, and will not stand out negatively in public. High Class Escorts often travel with their ” companion”. It is not unusual to go away for weekends, on occassion evn weeks together somewhere around the globe. More often then not, it is with a gentleman you have build a rapport with, but on occassion, It can certainly be a first meeting. And what a wonderful introduction that is! 

New York Escorts

Most frequently when in the US, my invitations coem from New York and it is hardlt a surprise. A highly sophisticated city, with equally sophisticated gentlemen, NY has always shown incredible hospitability towards me, and it is always a pleasure for me to visit! Wonderful restaurants, luxury hotels, and the shopping… its a win/win any time of the year.

Beverly Hills Escorts

Beverly Hills is always a pleasure. Slower pace to New York of course, but so glam and just as luxurious. Gentlemen here are a lot more “relaxed” perhaps for better term, but just as warm and hospitable. The weather is always lovely in LA, and also a pleasure to visit when I have an opportunity to visit!

Miami Escorts

I havent spend as much time in Miami as I would like to, so perhaps in future, some faboulous man in Miami might care to invite me? The times that I have spent in Palm Beach has been memorable and has left a mark on me for sure. It is of cours laid back, but a very colourful place in the world I certnainly look forward to getting to know more If the opportunity arose.

Exclusive Elite Escort USA

As a conclusion, If you are a gentleman who resides in the US, or alternatively travels to the US frequently, and would like to meet here, I hope that you will consider getting in touch with me. Although my most frquent destinations have included New York, LA, Miami , Boston and Las Vegas, I am not exclusively available to meet in just those cities. Of course I am open to invitations to meet in other cities, be it regional or larger cities. Provided of course  that all I are dotted and T are crossed ( read between the lines here)

So, I do hope we have an opportunity to meet somewhere around the globe in the near future. Perhaps you travel to Australia on business? perfect time for an introductory date, and then perhaps the next time we meet can be on home soil in the USA? There ar enumerous possiblities and options, provided you have the means and the desire to make a date with me happen!

I look forward in hearing from you soon xo

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Adela Blackwood is a high class elite International companion and luxury travel escort for the wealthy and discerning gentlman. Elegant, upscale, well educated  and travelled, Adela is the perfect, all consumate dinner date and travel companion.

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