A Man’s Perspective: 10 Things a Gentleman Should Know (and Do)

I enjoy the company of a fine lady. Don’t you? It’s not just the event itself – I
enjoy the lead-up, the conversations, the getting to know each other phase, and so
on. Because of that, I spend a significant amount of time on social media, and I
have to say there’s an amazingly inordinate amount of comments that go on about
gentlemen contacting providers and not following certain procedures. This feels
strange to me, as most of these ladies have clearly stated what they prefer on their

Now bear in mind I’m not the most experienced gentleman. I don’t see an amazing
amount of these ladies, as I’m quite happy with the few that I have made a
connection with. But I find that the guidelines I’m going to list are pretty
universal, and in case any new gentleman wants to venture into making amazing
connections with any of the ladies, or other veterans need a reminder, I’m about to
list them clearly for you.

 Ten points to make note of for a better date

– Do your homework. We all hate homework, but like what your high school teacher
once said, it’s going to help you more than you think it does. What this means in
this case is really to read up about the lady you might be interested in. Most of
them already list their rates, their preferences, their locations, and so on. It is
in their own best interests to keep those things updated, especially if they happen
to be touring – that is, after all, part of the reason they are visiting another
country. Most of your questions can be answered this way, right down to the kind of
time they endeavor to spend with other gentlemen. You’ll also get a good sense of
what kind of person they are, their sense of humour, possible conversation topics,
and so on.Follow what you think you can, and you might find yourself in their good
books, and believe me, that can pay off in spades.

– Be polite, preferably to a fault. As much as you might think of yourself as paying
for their time, they are still human, not chunks of meat to be hawked about. They
provide a connection, an experience, not an act, and one guaranteed way to get
yourself blocked/ignored is to disrespect them. For many ladies, what constitutes as
disrespect or dangerous behavior is clearly outlined on their websites or other
media accounts (see point 1) – no explicit language, no photos, and so on. You’d
want to go the extra mile for them, because, let’s face it, you wouldn’t mind it if
they went the extra mile for you. (NB: I think the sad part about this point is in
most relationships, not just the kind we’re talking about here, people ill-treat
each other so often that to do the very basic levels of courtesy becomes something
fantastically amazing; this should never have been the case, and even less so for
these ladies.)
– Show some consideration for her safety. I’m a little taken aback by the number of
rants I see/hear about guys who don’t want to do screening. (Deposits too, but I’m
made to understand that it isn’t always standard practice, so I’ll leave this for
later.) She’s going to be concerned about her own safety, and doesn’t want to be
killed, paired up with a crazy psycho that might be a weapon-wielding sociopath, or
someone is going to throw her into emotional of physical abuse. Neither do you.
Except she’s a lady, and probably far less equipped to handle that kind of scenario.
(Although I have known a few of these ladies to have high-level training in
self-defence. Woe betide *ANYONE* who decides to get in their way!) So please comply
with whatever screening procedures she might have; they’re there to make her
comfortable with seeing you, and then you can both be comfortable with each other
when you get to meet. The processes may vary, and that’s really up to her level of
comfort; don’t hassle her or compare what she does with others. I think I can safely
speak for the ladies that if you have to complain about the differences between her
and another lady, then perhaps the other lady is better suited for you.

– Don’t bargain. On a similar note, if you have to haggle about the rates, you might
want to consider someone else. Look at it this way – if you’re a business person,
who runs something that’s very personal, the last thing you want on your hands is a
haggler. Most of the ladies aren’t strangers to what kind of rates they can command
– frankly, it’s up to them. I don’t think you’d like it if someone compared your
offerings to another business – you’re likely to say “well if you can’t match it,
then you’re free to go elsewhere”. Which is exactly what you’re going to get if you
try it with them.

– Follow instructions. Guys, I get it. We’re guys. We don’t like to be told what to
do, right down to the specifics (ok, maybe some of us do). But really, if you’re
seeing a lady for the first time, even if it’s a non-companion date, you don’t want
to scare her by stalking outside her place for hours, or turning up uninvited, or
doing anything ANYTHING AT ALL that she might find creepy. What’s more, you’re
looking to have one of the most intimate experiences with an amazing, open-minded
person, who’s likely going to bare her very person and soul to you. That’s a
phenomenal amount of emotional strain and trust going on there, and the least you
could is not NOT add any more on to her. If you make things smooth for her, she’ll
make the entire time you have with her pass smoothly for you too.

– Don’t be a creep. Look, just because you show your appreciation every single post
she makes on whatever platform she uses to communicate to the general public doesn’t
make you any closer to her. I’ve been guilty of this sometimes. But you have to
remember she has to attend to her personal affairs and her own life as well –
texting her every other day asking how she was may work fine in civilian dating,
especially if the other person is interested, but not always so in this world. I’m
aware there are ladies who do enjoy chatting with the gentlemen, and if you pair up
well, that’s really up to the both of you; but respect what boundaries she might
have (see point 3), and recognise that even if you had a girlfriend, she’d like some
of her own space as well. Don’t compare between ladies – they each have their own
personalities, quirks, skills and preferences. Just like how your girlfriend doesn’t
want to hear about your ex being better than her at whatever it is you’re unhappy
about, neither does your provider. You’ll come off as bitchy, unpleasant, and who’s
to say that the two of them (or more) aren’t already in touch with each other as
friends? What happens between two of you stays between two of you, and you should
keep it that way.
– Be clear (but not explicit!) in communication. Most providers state this, but
seeing as us guys don’t bother to listen to rules from ladies (yay for the rest of
us who do, we win), I’m going to make it clear here. Have an idea of when/where you
want to meet your preferred lady. If your plans (especially if you’re traveling)
aren’t firm yet, you can always note that you plan to see her, subject to
availability, and would like pre-screening. Make sure you follow through your
promises; as it is with every other relationship, business or otherwise, once you
fail to keep a promise, it’s remembered. Most ladies don’t like it when explicit or
specific acts are discussed over email – remember, you’re meeting with them for
companionship, for an experience, for their time and conversation; you should speak
with them as if you are meeting up with any other lady friend. What’s more: you
value your discretion, so do they.
– Hygiene. So you’ve finally set up your date. I know we guys aren’t really in the
habit of keeping tip-top pristine, but please do some grooming. Manscaping, if
you’ve never done it, is as easy as shaving your face; do it. Trim your nails. Scrub
yourself. Do all these a week before, just to get the base stuff handles, and then
once more the day before at the very least, so that you don’t forget or you don’t
have to rush through it on the day. Hell, scrub yourself again about 15 minutes
before she is due to meet you – if you’re meeting at her place, then ask to use the
shower, or at least don’t decline when she offers. Even if you think you’re clean,
you’re showing them respect by going the extra mile, and if you’re concerned about
maximising your time…c’mon guys, we all know that we can take a good shower in less
than 5 minutes. Don’t kid yourself. Bring a toothbrush and toothpaste, even, and
scrub those pearly whites! (FYI, that’s what I actually do – along with a series of
regular physical checkups.)
– Decorum. This is where a lot of the previous points come into play; respect,
observation, courtesy, so on. Most ladies, again, have what they prefer on their
websites, and how they prefer you to conduct yourself. When you meet her, don’t just
jump in like a hungry honey badger. Take time to greet her, be a gentleman, offer
the full rate (please don’t start haggling or shortchange them) straight up – some
like it handed to them in an envelope, others, prefer it placed visible someplace
where they will get to it later. You don’t have to worry about them snatching it and
running off, for two reasons – firstly, f they do so, they have much more to lose
than you do. And secondly, now that you’re actually there, physically, with them,
your money is the least of your concerns in terms of risks and safety. So please,
these ladies are respectable individuals (assuming you’ve done your homework), and
you don’t need to keep an eye on every single detail. Please behave as you would
have a guest behave in your house too – there are horror stories of guys going
through the ladies’ drawers for no reason at all. Seriously? You didn’t go through
all this hassle just to execute a search warrant, so stop it. Enjoy the time you
have together, and when it’s up, respect her schedule (and private life), and say
“thanks”, then leave gracefully.
– Show your appreciation & Post-date manners. On the topic of leaving, I’d encourage
you to leave a tip. Personally, because I like to read their websites/other accounts
and get to know them through their thoughts and personas before I decide to meet
them, I pretty much have an idea of how it will go (i.e. fantastically) before it
even happens – my tip is already bundled together with the fee upfront. But if you
aren’t that good a person-reader, sure, wait till the date is over, then leave
something. Or you could send them a gift card, post-date. Thank them for their time
a few days after, let them know you enjoyed yourself, and if you want to see them
again, make sure you mention it – that would also give you an indication of whether
the lady is interested in seeing you again. (If she’s not, don’t push it. Again,
respect.) Some of my best friendships have developed from seeing some of these
ladies (and sometimes only once!) and all it takes really is some mutual respect,
and a little generosity. We’re not talking cars and diamonds (although I dare say if
you can afford it, they would certainly appreciate it) – a little goes a long, long
way. Remember though – these ladies have lives of their own, and won’t appreciate
you hounding or stalking them, whether digitally or (gasp) in real life!

Seriously, if I wanted to, the list could go on. But I find that as I write this
out, I’m repeating the same principle over and over again: treat them well and
they’ll treat you well. Treat them better, and they’ll do the same.


Guys – you only get what you give.


Don J

 https:// internationalescort.com