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SEO. Three little letters. It stands for ” Search Engine Optimisation”. Why is that important you may ask? Times have changed a great deal the last decade or so. And you have to move with the times, or you get left behind.

 Building a nice website is not enough

So you have decided to build a personal website  or a directory online. You put all your energy into building a pretty website and think thats all you need. However, no one is going to care how many pictures you have and what font you have used if no one can find you. That’s where SEO comes. How do you come up in search engines? How do the algorithms figure out who to move up on first page and who gets lost in the last pages of a search term?

Google | Yahoo | Bing Search Engine

Google, yahoo and bing are the three biggest search engines in the world. All three have different algorithms that rate your site very differently. There are others, but these are the main ones.

For example. When you first build your website, you need to submit it to all three for them to crawl. Google desktop and google mobile will crawl firsts and the other two take a little longer. If you want to come up high in search you have to first choose which region you want to focus on. Google has search engines in every country, and so the same search word will give you different results in different regions. So you need to submit your site to the google most relevant to you. Many don’t even know this. Additionally, google desktop and google mobile are different, and require different points to be covered for better ranking. You will not come up the same rank using the same search term in both.

I have submitted to google US as its the biggest search engine in the world, and the most relevant to me. If you live in the UK, then you should submit your site to If you rank well in google US you will rank well in others, but being an International Site, I had to focus on the biggest search engine. My sister site is submitted to google in Europe for better coverage. As in the Hong Kong sister site for Asia.

The submission happens from your google analytics account.

For example, if you google ” escorts” in US google you will get 371,000 results.

if you google ” escorts” in the UK you will get 386,000 results and they are different in both continents.



For search engines, the biggest + is to have backlinks. A backlink is another website linking to you. That can be done in many ways. It can be banner exchange, it can be done through making a comment on a blog ( your website is added to the comment so it creates a link back organically). Even just a hyperlink is sufficient to create that benefit for google ranking.

Search engines see backlinks as the biggest indicator for higher ranking when they rank you in google. The more links you have the better for your position in search engines.  They assume that if other sites link to you, then you are a helpful site for users. Google wants users to have a positive experience, so if you think about it, google ranks sites better if they are helpful and easy to navigate for users, not website owners. Here is the catch. If you link to bad sites, then google will see that as a negative and penalise you. The trick is to link to sites with a good reputation and rank ( will explain that later) and are relatable to your industry. if you link to say ” viagra” sites, then google thinks that’s your industry too.

If you don’t have backlinks you will never rank high in google no matter how pretty your site is and how sexy your images are. No one will find your site.

Search engines looks at more then just your backlinks ( although that is your biggest plus in rankings)


Your text is super important. If you copy and paste your text in advertising, google picks that up as duplicate content, and so you are deranked. Its important to always have original text everywhere not copied. Your text needs to include not only text for your potential clients, but search engines! Your text needs to include the keywords you want google to pick up. Those keywords can be highlighted with bold text link this for you to signal google that  ” This is important” or hyperlinked like this

Additionally, you need to have at least 300 words ( relevant) on a page for google to even rank it in the search engine. It needs to have an image, and the title ALT keyword needs to be added to the image. Every page needs to be search engine optimised for a keyword. That should includes the keyword in the text highlighted, in the title, on the page title, on the page description which is what google also picks up. There is a lot that goes into SEO which why for many it is a full time job. It is not something you do once, and forget about it.

Google keeps track. The more frequently your site is updated and more pages added the more you are rewarded with higher ranking. This is why so many people write blogs. Because it looks to google as a well maintained website and relevant to users. If you just build a website, and leave it without daily updates, you will never rank high in google.

Now, why some directories come up better in google then others.

Firstly, google looks at how long a website has been online. 2 months V 20 years. The 20 year site probably has better SEO because its been around a lot longer. Google gives you better ranking the longer you have been online. In that time, you would have build your site and your backlinks would give you organic SEO thats hard to beat… but not impossible.

For example. Eros is the biggest directory in the US.

It has been around for 20 years i think? I was around when they first came on the scene. I advertised with them many many years ago. They offered escorts 1 year free advertising from memory. Why? To build their SEO. You had to have their banner on your site, and that was a link to them. These days, they are massive and have a massive exposure in google. Why do you think that is? Do you think it magically happened?

4192 are the keywords eros is ranked for in google. Thats a big number, and they are miles ahead of anyone because for a number of reasons. When you write your ad, and keywords in that are picked up in google because their backlinks are high to begin with. That is in addition to the backward they do for SEO.

4540 is how many backlinks Eros has today. ( i checked through a program)


To create this many backlinks is a lot of  manual work. Part of those backlinks will be ladies having their banner on their own websites.

Other backlinks come from blogs management has made comments on, and blogs they have written and submitted when  comments were made,  therefore linked.

My point is, for a website/directory to rank well, it is a daily job and grind. It doesn’t happen in a day, a week or a month.

You pick your keywords, then optimise pages for that keyword. And that is not an easy process.

Keep in mind, you are competing with thousands of websites online that are using the same keywords as you. Whoever has better SEO will beat the sites with less satisfactory SEO and longevity online.

If you want a website to come up first in google, you need to optimise the site, and have many many relevant backlinks with sites that have high influence score ( this is what google gives each site. The higher the number, the better  reason to link to that site. Currently, Eros has a score of 6%. My directory has a score of 5%”. Of course that can change at any time. It is not given to you permanently and is subject to change) Dead links need to be removed, as they penalise you too.

With keywords, you are taught to start with easier keywords and work your way up to harder keywords.

The hardest keyword is ” escorts”.. everyone wants that one.

With SEO, it’s important to be consistent and focus on your content. Content is everything.

Eros focused on one country. THE USA. ( yes they have Switzerland and England, but their strongpoint is the USA)

International directories have to focus on all countries, and so SEO is much more complicated and harder to achieve in every city and every country. But not impossible

The point is, realise that SEO doesn’t happen magically overnight. It takes time, effort, trial and error to get there. But most importantly, it needs the advertisers to back it. Because without advertisers,  directories SEO can’t grow. Google rewards websites that are evolving and focusing on the technical side and are easy to use for users. And the worst part is that Google doesn’t provide you with a manual. Most of it is guess work, and then check your rankings for a couple of weeks to see if it worked.

Add to that, algorithms change.. so what was right today, could be wrong tomorrow.

So when you say ” oh you don’t come up under ” Alaska escorts”… thats because I don’t have advertisers there, so SEO hasn’t been done for that region.

What came first the chicken or the egg?

Working on a directory is a lot harder then most people understand.

It is not just creating a nice website. It is the backend work which takes a lot of time and effort daily. Most days I spend 6-7 hours a day on it and its not enough. So when you say something negative about my directory, you bet I take it personally.