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    Gentlemen, wonderful to see that Miss Gabriella Laurence has caught your attention.

 Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, this sassy French Canadian is not your typical girl next door although she could easily be the intriguing and mysterious neighbour you always wondered about. Unassuming, this sophisticated green eyed charmer is also a down -to-earth tender spirit with an unmistakable joie-de-vivre. Above all, creating long lasting meaningful connections with like-minded suitors is what Gabriella longs for.

Have you ever had the opportunity of visiting Montreal, the metropole where Miss Laurence holds the golden concierge keys to the city? Without a doubt, Gabriella’s favourite part of town is the Old Port; its rustic cachet, old world feel and it’s friendly, diverse locals and visitors alike, have stolen her heart long ago.

International allies, should you wish to visit Gabriella in her home city, spend a few days on a mountaintop retreat in the Laurentians, discover the wine routes and small vineyards of the Eastern Townships or visit another spectacular part of Canada altogether. Gabriella is always delighted to be your own personal tour guide.

Should you also wish to vacation Internationally at an exotic location, have her fly to you for a multiple day engagement across the pond, or on the other side of the world perhaps? This mature tempress loves adventure and will travel to almost anywhere for a Michelin star rated fine dining evening. Or even a topnotch spa retreat experience.

In a nutshell, once you finally meet Gabriella, this captivating redhead and charismatic conversationalist will leave you wondering why you haven’t met her sooner.

Where more than meets the eye prevails..


Name: Gabriella Laurence

Age: Mature

Location: Montreal, Quebec – Canada

Availability: International

Fly Me To You: Yes

Touring: No

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