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So, there’s this woman, that has seen and experienced so much. Not always glamour and exotic destinations. (Although she has experienced that too!) Life experiences and family have shaped her heart and soul. Her kindness and compassion knows no bounds. Her gratitude and sweet demeanour make loving you easy ! Her passions are designing nature (Landscape), photography, travel, buying real estate and interior design. She has an eye for beauty in all she sees and does, and her passion extends to you, your heart and mind. As a guardian of your secrets, she will take you to a world of delightful pleasures where you can unwind and truly be yourself, uninhibited.

 Described as a diamond in the rough and the perfect catch, these are a few of her fondest compliments ! She will surprise you from the start becoming a friend and a confidante even before you meet due to her playfulness, positive outlook on life and down to earth personality. Are you curious how a woman can be so rare that she is incapable of drama? She is disarming and sweet and yet a world class experience with charm and sultry sass! She will please you, make you smile and create memories that will linger long after you have parted ways.  Her ice blue eyes will reflect back at you, her naughty, misbehaving mind, urging you to reach out and touch her.

 She is yours for the taking… What are you waiting for?

Captivate her with your inquisitive eyes. Touch her with your exploring hands. She will melt into you until she is yours… You only need to ask once! She hopes you want to meet her as she has been waiting for you all her life !



Name: Julia Jayde


Location: Toronto, Canada

Availability: Worldwide

Fly Me To You: Yes

Touring: Yes

Email Julia   By clicking Here

Contact via phone  +1 416 996 2660

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