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Fly Me To You


Like everything in life, especially with the new fast passed digital world,  new “words” are coined ( just take a look at the urban dictionary), and also frequently on social media, a gimmick if you like. At one point in time, International Escorts only used to fly by personal invitation. Touring wasn’t a “thing”, but it gained momentum when Escorts decided to explore opportunities abroad worldwide. the internet exploded at one point, and the world became an International escorts oyster.


Touring International Escorts


The long term established International escorts ( yeah I was one of them in my hey day) used to only travel by request. And boy did they travel in style. I remember once a client flew me out to one of the islands in Phuket. Now, In those days, there wasn’t a great deal of what you will call ” verification”. Why you might ask? Well, If a client could and would pay for your whole trip in advance, and fly you first class somewhere, it was a pretty safe bet that he was not going to hurt you. Anyhow, this particular gentleman flew me out first class to Bangkok , and we were to meet at his office, then travel to Phuket immediately for a few days. He told me that his driver will pick me up at the airport. You can imagine my panic when I arrived, and one of the Tourist police was holding my name up waiting to pick me up. Panic immediately washed over me. It turns out, my client was a very powerful politician in Asia and the police member was his personal driver. Yes, I was driven in style to his office ( which by the way looked like the Australian Parliament House complete with its own  Art Gallery). He was charming and lovely. The short end of the story is this. We flew to Phuket, stayed in a luxury resort, in the most expensive villa. The second night, he informed me that he had urgent family emergency in Bangkok and he had to go back ASAP  but would try and return ASAP. In the meantime, he urged me to enjoy myself and that everything was taken care of.


Sadly, he didn’t make it back due to the death of the family member, however, not only was I treated like royalty, his staff in the capital upon my return took me shopping, and sightseeing . The point is, all these years I have never forgotten his kindness and generosity, and those clients were plentiful in those days. Things have somewhat changed with escorts touring.


How Touring Changed Everything


Touring changed the industry. It was the beginning of the end for the truly good times,  in many ways. When you are touring, you pay for your own accommodation, travel and expenses. When a client invites you privately, as it used to be done, the client paid your expenses ( first class not economy). Once Touring Escorts introduced the concept of ” touring” , clients didn’t feel the need to fly anyone. Why would they? If ladies were willing to cover their own expenses, and a client could see you for a few hours only, at the minimal cost, its a win for him, but a loss for the lady. Sure, you can grow your client base, at least thats the justification in your mind. But the reality is most of the clients you will see on a tour, you will not see again. Why? because they are eyeing off the next escort on tour.


Enter Fly Me To You Concept


At some point, the penny dropped for many Touring escorts that it wasn’t in their best interest to tour. Many clients were cancelling their appointments last minute because they could. Most did not like paying a deposit, because that would mean a commitment to see you when you arrived. They were used to calling the shots, and if your time was wasted, well it didn’t concern them. But the fact is touring is very expensive. A touring escort would need to make her expenses first before she has made profit. And that can go in the thousands very easily depending on the destination. So ” fly me to you” was born. Its like a full circle. This concept was the norm once upon a time, and it has taken maybe 20 years to become fashionable again. Yes, there are many gentlemen who are horrified they would need to fly a lady to them. But why not? And not only that but a Fly me to You arrangement is a lot more relaxed and enjoyable for both parties. It doesn’t feel like a ” booking” but truly a date. You’re able to get to know each other and its relaxed and natural. I hope in time that fly me to you will continue to be the norm, rather then the exception. For many it may not be affordable, but this has always been a luxury service. Somewhere along the line, that has been lost on many.


  1. Olivia Leon

    Loved your story about your client flying you to one of the islands of Phuket. Just WOW!

    I absolutely love Fly Me To You dates! Hopefully, in time, it will continue to be the new norm. I always enjoy hearing about your travel adventures. Great article Adela!

  2. Kelly

    Certainly I do hope that “Fly me to You,” becomes the new norm once again with all of the change that has happened in this industry recently.

    It is quite true about how expensive, stressful and frustrating touring can be. I certainly only “tour” if I have reason to be in that city and I have limited time.

    I look forward to meeting more gentleman from around the world!

    Thanks for the great article.

    Kelly Thompson


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